We use cutting-edge CGI technology to render beautiful shots of your product.  These metashots are easy to use in all digital applications and are much richer and more detailed than traditional product photographs.

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Images that include elements that are difficult to photograph such as plastic film, transparent containers, or products that would require a food stylist, can be generated easily using our CGI technology.

Coke Zero - Metashot
Sprizzero - Metashot
Prosecco - Metashot
  • Amazing product images that are superior to professional photography.
  • Created using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), just like in the movies.
  • More beautiful, more detailed, more flexible, and faster to produce.
  • Less expensive than professional photography.

Staging and Beauty Shots

Once we have the base metashot completed, we can add many enhancements and features to the image such as frost, ice, or water drops.

The metashots can be inserted into stock photography and manipulated to appear as though the product was photographed in that setting.

Many details such as light intensity, shadows, colors, reflections, textures, etc. are possible.

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Type of Metashot Desired

Prosecco Setting - Metashot
Yellow Tail Setting - Metashot
Yellow Tail Beauty Shot - Metashot
DAB Setting - Metashot

Compositions and Sales Visuals

Bring your product to life without expensive photo shoots.

You own the rights - no royalties, talent rights, or other complications.

We can create difficult images such as foam on the head of a beer, ice cubes, bubbles, water drops, etc. - without the need for a stylist.

Localize your shots with different label variations or languages with very little additional cost.

Make your emerging brand look better than your larger competitors at a budget you can afford.

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Type of Metashot Desired

Overcome Asymmetric Odds


Animate your metashots to make them more interesting, exciting, and attractive.

Animations can be created for all types of applications - from social media posts to full-size animations for out-of-home, television, or other digital applications.

Make your product come to life at a budget you can afford.

Metashot Inquiry

Type of Metashot Desired

Ferrero Giotto - Metashot

Food & Unusual Products

We don't just do pack shots, we can create a Metashot of your food product or other unusually-shaped items.

We have done shoes, clothing, jewelry, and many other unusual items.

Let's talk about how we can bring your product to life.

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Type of Metashot Desired


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I would, without hesitation, recommend them to anyone I know.

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Business Owner

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