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Strategy Development

General Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander for the allied invasion of France on D-Day, said: "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."

Businesses need to develop strategic plans that will inform decisions regarding marketing and operational tactics.

Asymmetric's strategy development process includes concepts, principles, tools, frameworks, and processes that will help your business create effective and efficient strategic plans that will help you win in the marketplace.


Asymmetric Business Wargaming is a process for analyzing competitive factors that heavily influence your business' results. The process is intensive and it will help you prepare for the conflicts that you have to win in order to succeed.

Crisis Planning & Management

Tough times call for focused and well-considered execution. Prior planning for a wide range of potential crisis events will ensure that your team is ready to respond, mitigating the negative impact of the event on your business.

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What is Business Wargaming?

A business wargame is a process for adapting military strategy, tools, models, and planning to a business situation.

Asymmetric wargames are executed to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape.  It is executed through role-playing situations where some participants represent the client company's brands or products and the other teams represent key competitors. Often one additional team represents the market, the regulatory backdrop, and other "uncontrollable" factors.

Business wargames yield three primary benefits:

Training and practical exercises in the application of military strategy, the "Art of War," to business scenarios.

A deep and robust insight into the strengths, weaknesses, and likely courses of action for key competitors.

The foundation for the development of a comprehensive competitive strategy and viable contingency plans.

The Asymmetric Wargame Framework

Asymmetric Wargame Framework

Why Asymmetric Strategy?

Military strategy classics such as The Art of War or On War address the principles of conflict. We believe that these principles are an excellent way to approach the strategy development for a business as it competes in the marketplace. Our understanding of both ancient and contemporary military strategy principles and our experience in applying these principles to business, make us a unique partner in the development of your business strategy.

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