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Why Asymmetric Insights?

Asymmetric’s foundational beliefs in the application of military strategy and philosophy inform our approach to insights. We believe that no business initiative of consequence should ever be embarked upon without an underlying insight that underpins that initiative. Our research tools, processes, and methodologies provide you with the insights necessary to make your strategies successful.

Loyalty Research

Loyal customers are five times as likely to repurchase, five times as likely to forgive, four times as likely to refer, and seven times as likely to try a new offering.

What is customer loyalty? It is not just about purchasing behavior. It is a deeply held commitment to re-buy or re-patronize a preferred product consistently in the future, thereby causing repetitive same-brand or same brand-set purchasing.

It addresses the nexus of attitude and behavior.  Use these insights to build a more robust business.

Loyalty NXS

Loyalty NSX - Asymmetric Insights
Illustration of The Quantitative Market Research Process
1 Asymmetric

Market Research

Qualitative and quantitative insights into opinion, attitude, and perception are achieved through the employment of various types of qualitative research. Asymmetric addresses these questions using:

• Focus Groups
• Concept Testing
• Surveys
• Interviews

Eye Tracking Research

Eye-tracking is a technology that allows you to understand what a person is really looking at while watching advertising, viewing design layouts, browsing a website, or looking at a shelf-set.  It is the most objective method to measure a consumer's attention.  Insights from this research can be invaluable to your business.

With eye-tracking  you can easily test:

  • Videos
  • Websites
  • Images (print ads, banners, etc.)
  • Packages or product concepts
  • Product shelf placement

Our survey engine utilizes eye-tracking and other neuromarketing technologies to allow you to cross-analyze consumers' explicit responses with their non-conscious reactions to give you the most reliable insights.

Eye Tracking Shelf Set Screenshot
Eye Tracking Camera
Eye Tracking Equipment

Content Research

A methodical approach to testing content to determine the ideal message to communicate to customers or consumers in order to deliver the value proposition efficiently, ultimately resulting in lead generation or other conversions.

Customer Experience (CX) Research

The process of collecting and analyzing data regarding the experience that customers have with a company.  It is a crucial input to the design of customer experience programs, processes, or platforms.

Trends, Patterns, Insights and Predictions

Large quantities of data often hide important insights.  We use sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to tease important and actionable insights out of complex or extremely large data sets.

Competitive Intelligence - Asymmetric Insights

Competitive Intelligence

A systematic collection and analysis of information from multiple sources to generate insights that provide a company with an asymmetric advantage over its competition.  It is a process that involves deep understanding of the competition, the market, the regulatory environment, and any other elements that play a role in the business ecosystem.


DataChat is a conversational intelligence platform that changes the way you perform data analytics.

DataChat helps you understand the data that your business collects by allowing you to chat in natural language - no programming experience required.

Now you can unlock actionable business insights faster - so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Rich Visualization & Insights

See your data in action with a few short conversations.  DataChat understands the type of data you are using and selects the best charts and graphs to visualize your data.

Simplified Data Wrangling

Seamlessly connect to multiple data sources in seconds.  DataChat cleans and merges your data so connection the dots is easier than ever.

DataChat Neural Network Model Chart
DataChat Bubble Chart

Why Asymmetric Insights?

Military strategy classics such as The Art of War or On War address the principles of conflict. We believe that these principles are an excellent way to approach the strategy development for a business as it competes in the marketplace. Our understanding of both ancient and contemporary military strategy principles and our experience in applying these principles to business, make us a unique partner in the development of your business strategy.

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