Keep Calm and Carry On

How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Life can be difficult. Nobody needed to tell you that. But, what can you do to keep calm and carry on when the pressure is getting to you?

Here are seven tips to help you stay poised and composed:

1. Positivity

Keep a positive outlook. Don’t focus on negative thoughts. The worst-case scenario isn’t usually the most likely scenario. Focus on the positive aspects of your life and your current situation.

2. Talk to a Friend

Tap your support network to talk-through the situation. There are people out there that love you and want the best for you. Open up to them and get their support and guidance.

3. Exercise

Get out and get your heart beating and your blood pumping. There’s nothing quite as good for your soul (and your body) as exercise. Walk, run, lift weights, swim, whatever feels right.

4. Adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbs that support your natural ability to handle stress. They have the unique ability to “adapt” their function to support the needs of your body. Try TranQuini.

5. Reduce Caffeine

Coffee and black tea contain a significant amount of caffeine. The caffeine in these beverages trigger a release of adrenaline. That adrenaline-rush may feel good for a few minutes, but the crash that follows won’t help your mood.

6. Yoga or Meditation

These ancient traditions are an excellent way to center yourself. The combination of physical poses, controlled breathing, and relaxation will work miracles.

7. Disconnect

Turn off your phone and get away from your computer – at least for a while. Our habit of always remaining connected is not good. You need time to disconnect, unwind, and relax.

Mark Hope

Mark Hope (19)

Mark A Hope is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Asymmetric Applications Group, a unique agency that employs the strategies, concepts, tools, and principles of Asymmetric Marketing to help small businesses grow and become more profitable. @markahope

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