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The Commando System | Commando Marketing

Introducing The Commando System

Real marketing - with real results. Brought to you by grown-ups with real-world experience.


Real marketing - with real results. Brought to you by grown-ups with real-world experience.

A System That Works

Proven systems, processes, and tools that really work.

Hard-Core Marketing

No latte breaks.
No foosball tables.
Just hard work and commitment.

Business is Hard

Business is a zero-sum game. Every customer that your competition gets - you lose. Unless you just invented the next i-Pad, chances are you are struggling to win the daily battle for market-share.

We employ principles of military strategy and concepts from The Art of War in our marketing system. There is a very clear parallel between these two types of conflict. Who wants to hear strategy ideas from a Millennial MBA? What you need is a marketing strategy from a team that understands the nature of conflict and the effective employment of asymmetric techniques.

What's The Point of Marketing?

Your prospects have desires and fears. Your products and services are designed to address one or more of these emotional states. We'll help you identify your markets, tailor your proposition, target your audience, and, above all else - drive your revenue.

Revenue is the engine that keeps you in business. Spending money on a bunch of new-fangled marketing nonsense isn't going to pay your bills.

Let The Commando System take your business to the next level.

Commando Tab | Commando Marketing

What's a Commando?

"A Member of a military unit trained and organized as shock troops especially for hit-and-run raids into enemy territory." A Commando is not a "guerrilla." Guerrillas are irregular troops that are usually poorly trained, poorly equipped, and working for a pittance at the hand of a war lord or guerrilla chief.

The Commando System | Commando Marketing

What is The
Commando System?

The Commando System is a framework and a set of strategies, tools, and processes that are designed to give small businesses the ability to effectively compete against adversaries that have access to substantially more resources.

As a small business owner or manager, you can't afford to go toe-to-toe with much larger and better-capitalized competitors. You need strategies, techniques, and tactics that will allow you to win these uneven battles.

History is replete with stories of asymmetric victories (think David vs. Goliath). The Commando System translates these concepts into an understandable and usable form in the context of business operations.

How Does It Work?

Every client is different, so we can't be overly prescriptive. Just like in military operations, flexibility is important in the development of bold, audacious, and aggressive attacks. We use a set of principles, strategies, tactics, and tools that allow us to ensure that we fully understand the mission and that we have prepared properly to exploit the opportunity.


  • Flexibility
  • Integration
  • Effectiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Depth
  • Synchronization
  • Agility
  • Initiative
  • Versatility


  • Unity of Command
  • Simplicity
  • Surprise
  • Security
  • Objective
  • Maneuver
  • Mass
  • Objective
  • Offensive
  • Economy of Force


  • Leadership
  • Power
  • Information
  • Protection
  • Speed
  • Aggressiveness
  • Situational Awareness

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