Driving Business Excellence: The Strategy Development Conference

There is a scene in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:

Alice and the Cheshire Cat - Business Strategy

Alice asked the Cheshire Cat, who was sitting in a tree, "What road do I take?"

The cat asked, "Where do you want to go?"

"I don't know," Alice answered.

"Then," said the cat, "it really doesn't matter, does it?"

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, small and medium-sized enterprises often stand at a crossroads, grappling with a fundamental and pressing question: "What path should we tread, and why?"

While most businesses have some semblance of a plan, it all too often feels like a continuation of past endeavors, perhaps with a sprinkle of growth aspirations. Yet, is this path truly the most strategic and purposeful one to follow?

Enter the Strategy Development Conference – a dynamic, transformative process crafted to guide your business strategically, fostering growth and sustainable, purpose-driven success.

Our mission is deceptively simple yet profoundly powerful: to equip your business with the tools, insights, and strategic wisdom required to make informed decisions – decisions grounded in a deep understanding of your business's purpose, objectives, and the ever-shifting competitive landscape.

The Strategy Development Conference

A Journey of Strategic Enlightenment

Imagine the Strategy Development Conference as a metaphorical compass for your business, guiding your decisions and actions with intention and direction. It's not merely another meeting; it's a purposeful and immersive experience designed to elevate your business's approach:

  • Elevating Strategy Beyond the Ordinary: At its core, our process transcends the conventional. It infuses your strategy with the spirit of innovation, imbuing each step with rigorous consideration.
  • Illuminating the True North of Purpose: Our journey takes you beyond the surface. It delves into the core, unearthing the 'what' that drives your business's actions and deciphering the profound 'why' that should fuel its existence.
  • Crafting the Strategic Mosaic with Precision: Creating a strategy is akin to assembling a mosaic of business elements, each contributing to a larger, cohesive picture. We employ strategic frameworks, scrutinize competitive dynamics, and analyze market shifts to meticulously shape a strategy that aligns with your business's unique objectives.
  • Guided by Strategic Allies: Our experts act as your strategic allies, offering insights and guidance to ensure your strategy is effective but also agile and responsive.

The Transformative Power of the Strategy Development Conference

The Strategy Development Conference isn't merely about change; it's about fostering a culture of strategic excellence that permeates every facet of your business.

Its impact extends across multiple dimensions, shaping your business's growth trajectory and enhancing its ability to navigate complex challenges:

  • Crystal Clarity in Vision: Our process serves as a lighthouse, illuminating a clear course that ensures each decision is intricately tied to your overarching vision.
  • Precision-Tailored Objectives: Your business objectives transition from abstract notions to dynamic and purpose-driven drivers that steer every tactical move.
  • Unified Collaboration: The Strategy Development Conference unites your team, harnessing their diverse strengths and perspectives to co-create a comprehensive and cohesive strategy.
  • Agility in Action: Our strategies equip your business with the agility and adaptability required to survive and thrive in a world characterized by rapid change.
  • Fine-Tuned Course Corrections: The business journey isn't always smooth sailing; however, our strategies empower nuanced adjustments, ensuring you stay on course, no matter the challenges.
  • Cultivating a Culture of Innovation: Innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's the driving force behind sustainable growth. Our strategies nurture a culture of creative thinking, fueling your business's ability to embrace novel solutions.
  • Amplified Returns and Impact: A meticulously structured strategy isn't a theoretical exercise; it translates into tangible and meaningful results, enhancing efficiency and magnifying returns on investment.
The Transformative Power of a Business Development Conference

Why Your Business Needs a Strategy Development Conference

At the core of every successful venture lies a well-crafted strategy – a roadmap that guides each decision, propels growth, and ensures alignment with overarching objectives.

The Strategy Development Conference is more than just a gathering; it's a powerful catalyst that propels your business toward purposeful success. Here's why your business stands to gain immensely from this transformative experience:

  • A Candid Gaze at the Present: The Strategy Development Conference is like a mirror reflecting your business's current state. It prompts a deep and thorough evaluation of your existing activities, shedding light on your current activities.
  • Aligning Actions with Objectives: Getting lost in the day-to-day hustle is easy. The conference prompts a critical question: Are your current activities setting you on the path to achieving your objectives within a reasonable timeframe?
  • Clarity of Purpose: As the conference delves into your business's 'why,' it encourages a profound exploration of your core purpose. This clarity becomes the compass guiding every decision.
  • Evolving with the Market and Customers: Your business's landscape constantly changes. The Strategy Development Conference prompts you to consider: How have your market and customer base evolved? Have you stayed attuned to these changes?
  • Staying Ahead in the Competitive Race: Staying stagnant is akin to falling behind in business. The conference compels you to assess the shifting competitive landscape – have you adapted your strategies to remain competitive?
  • Unearthing Alternatives: The conference isn't just about endorsing the current and exploring alternatives. What other paths could your business take, and how might they better align with your objectives?
  • Identifying Untapped Potential: There's often untapped potential within your business. The conference encourages you to identify areas to be cultivated for future growth.
  • Strategically Starting, Sustaining, and Stopping: As your business evolves, some actions become obsolete while others gain importance. The conference prompts you to reflect: What should you start, stop, or continue doing to achieve your goals?
  • Creating a Visionary Roadmap: The culmination of the conference is the creation of a comprehensive roadmap. This roadmap encapsulates insights, decisions, and a concrete plan for the future.
Optimal Timing

The Right Timing: Leveraging the Strategy Development Conference

Timing is often the linchpin that separates success from missed opportunities in business. The Strategy Development Conference, a potent tool in your arsenal, offers unique advantages at any juncture.

While its benefits are many, it works best as a precursor to the annual business planning process, typically unfolding in the fourth quarter of each year. Here's a closer look at why the conference is valuable at any time and why it becomes indispensable as a prelude to your annual planning endeavors:

A Versatile Resource

The beauty of the Strategy Development Conference lies in its adaptability. It's not confined to specific moments, seasons, or stages of business. Instead, it's a versatile resource that can be harnessed at various points along your business journey:

  • Startup Surge: In the early stages of a startup, the conference helps crystallize your vision, ensuring that every step you take aligns with your long-term objectives.
  • Mid-Journey Realignment: The conference provides a platform for reevaluating businesses already established. It prompts you to ensure your current strategies and actions align with your ever-evolving goals.
  • Navigating Challenges: During times of uncertainty or disruption, the conference aids in redefining your path, offering strategies that steer your business toward stability and growth.
  • Expanding Horizons: If you're exploring new markets or diversifying your offerings, the conference assists in charting the most effective course.
  • Continuous Optimization: As an ongoing tool, the conference fuels continuous improvement, ensuring your strategies stay sharp and relevant.

A Precursor to Annual Business Planning: Amplifying Impact

While the Strategy Development Conference can bring value at any time, it takes on heightened significance when used as a precursor to your annual business planning process:

  • Informed Direction: As you approach the end of the year, the conference injects fresh insights into your planning discussions, ensuring that your next year's strategies are rooted in a deep understanding of your business's purpose and the changing landscape.
  • Course Correction: The conference serves as a checkpoint, enabling you to assess whether your current strategies are on track and make necessary adjustments before starting the new year.
  • Holistic Vision: It allows you to synthesize the conference's outcomes into a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring that every initiative and action is thoughtfully orchestrated to align with your annual objectives.
  • Team Engagement: Involving your team in the Strategy Development Conference enhances their sense of ownership, setting the stage for more engaged and motivated participation in the annual planning process.
  • Strategic Efficiency: Armed with the insights from the conference, your annual planning becomes a streamlined, purpose-driven exercise, maximizing the impact of every decision.
Navigating the Business Development Conference

Navigating the Strategy Development Conference

The Strategy Development Conference isn't just a meeting; it's a systematic journey that unveils your business's strategic landscape and sets the course for purposeful growth. Let's delve into the intricate layers of how this process works, step by step:

Taking Stock: A Deep Dive into Your Business Identity

At the heart of the Strategy Development Conference lies a comprehensive assessment of your business's essence:

  • Understanding Your Offerings: We begin by scrutinizing your products and services. What do you offer, and how do they resonate with your customers?
  • Defining Your Audience: Who are your customers? What are their needs, preferences, and pain points? We seek to uncover the demographics and psychographics that drive your customer base.
  • Competitive Analysis: Delving into the competitive landscape, we examine your rivals. How do you fare against your competitors? What sets you apart, and where can improvements be made?

Finding Purpose: Aligning Actions with Your Mission

The Strategy Development Conference delves into the 'why' behind your business:

  • Crafting or Confirming a Vision and Mission: We delve into your business's overarching purpose. Do you have a clear vision and mission that guide your actions? What aspirations drive your business forward?
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We explore the benefits your products or services bring to your customers. What problems do you solve? How do you enrich their lives? This customer-centric focus becomes the cornerstone of your strategy.

Tracking Customer Shifts: Navigating Trends and Changes

A business's success hinges on its ability to adapt to shifting customer dynamics:

  • Customer Trend Analysis: We analyze your customer base, detecting any shifts or trends. Is your audience changing? Are you adequately engaging with your customers to understand their evolving needs?
  • Identifying Gaps: The conference prompts you to evaluate whether there are untapped customer segments you're not addressing. Are there potential customers who remain undiscovered?

Competitor Reconnaissance: Seizing Opportunities and Addressing Threats

Staying ahead of the competition is essential. The conference delves into competitive dynamics:

  • Competitor Trends: We scrutinize your competitors, tracking changes and trends. Are new players emerging? Are existing competitors growing stronger or weaker?
  • Opportunities in Rivalry: We explore potential opportunities to exploit competitors' weaknesses. Can you capitalize on gaps in the market or shortcomings of your rivals?

Strategic Frameworks: Unleashing the Power of Strategy Models

The Strategy Development Conference taps into a toolkit of strategy frameworks, enriching your decision-making process:

  • Impact/Effort Matrix: We assess actions against their potential impact and resource investment.
  • Porter's Five Forces: We analyze the competitive forces shaping your industry to uncover strategic opportunities.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy: Sun Tzu said the pinnacle of strategy is to "Win Without Fighting." We explore untapped market spaces where competition is limited, offering room for innovation and growth.

Designing Your Strategic Blueprint: A Model for Action

At the core of the conference's outcome is a tangible roadmap that encapsulates insights, decisions, and actionable steps:

  • Creating a Coherent Model: We design a comprehensive model that captures your business's strategies, aligning them with your objectives.
  • Ensuring Clarity and Execution: This model serves as a guidepost, ensuring your team can readily grasp and execute against the strategic direction charted during the conference.

In essence, the Strategy Development Conference is a strategic immersion. It delves into the 'what,' 'why,' and 'how' of your business, offering you a comprehensive, actionable roadmap that ensures your business thrives and evolves with purpose and strategic insight.

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The Asymmetric Strategy Development Conference


Asymmetric offers its cornerstone Strategy Development Conference in three different formats, each designed to accommodate our clients' differing needs and budgets.

Full-Day Conference

This conference starts with a two-hour exploration call with Asymmetric's strategy team. Following the call, the project team will prepare for the session, conduct competitive intelligence inquiries, and perform necessary market research.

The conference can be conducted with Asymmetric's team on-site or virtually using Zoom web conference software and other online collaboration tools. The session is broken down into four two-hour modules.

Asymmetric will consolidate the session notes and materials following the conference and prepare a comprehensive report of the findings, discussions, and outcomes.

The cost for the full-day Strategy Development Conference is $8,500. All travel expenses will be reimbursed at cost if the session is held in person. Payment is $6,000 in advance and $2,500 upon report delivery.

Half-Day Conference

This conference starts with a one-hour exploration call with Asymmetric's strategy team. Following the call, the project team will prepare for the session, conduct competitive intelligence inquiries, and perform necessary market research.

The conference can be conducted with Asymmetric's team on-site or virtually using Zoom web conference software and other online collaboration tools. The session is broken down into two two-hour modules.

Asymmetric will consolidate the session notes and materials following the conference and prepare a comprehensive report of the findings, discussions, and outcomes.

The cost for the full-day Strategy Development Conference is $5,500. All travel expenses will be reimbursed at cost if the session is held in person. Payment is $3,000 in advance and $2,000 upon report delivery.

Custom Conference

Asymmetric will design a session tailored to the unique needs of your business. Pricing will be determined, and a proposal will be created for approval.

The custom conferences may differ from the standard offerings:

  • Extended session to accommodate larger or geographically dispersed teams
  • Combined with Asymmetric's Business Wargame, either before or after the conference
  • Combined with custom market research
  • Other specialized needs
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