Machinery Source

Since 2003, Machinery Source has represented and serviced exclusive product lines of new CNC machine tools and accessories for job shops, mold shops, die shops and manufacturers located in Illinois and Wisconsin. Machinery Source also provides a wide range of used machining equipment to customers across the United States.
The company was attracted to Asymmetricʼs ability to provide the skills and resources of a multi-faceted marketing department - brand marketing, digital marketing, ecommerce, systems development, website production and management, and strategy consulting - all for less than the monthly cost of a single employee.


To serve as the companyʼs marketing department and create a powerful brand that is advantageously positioned vis-à-vis the competition. To modernize, create and implement a highly effective and efficient marketing program to provide a consistent and useful message to their broad, existing customer base and attract online and digital customer audiences.


Develop comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent messaging. Build a modern, responsive website. Establish an inbound marketing platform that includes PPC, SEO, social media, email and content marketing programs to generate leads for prospects that have a need to purchase solutions in each of the companyʼs core business segments. Establish a call tracking system and handling system to attribute inbound calls to the appropriate campaign. Manage and maintain a robust online presence with public relations, press, and other media outlets.


A long term relationship has been established in which Asymmetric functions as Machinery Sourceʼs marketing support. The relationship has evolved over time with consistent weekly marketing campaigns as well as systems based projects as needed. Machinery Source's marketing efforts have been recognized by both their client base and machine manufacturers driving market awareness and sales. The customized and integrated CRM also has provided insights that have allowed them to both segment their customer base and effectively follow up on leads.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Creative Strategy


  • Brand Asset Creation
  • Print Collateral
  • Messaging
  • Weekly Emails
  • Social Content Creation


  • Hubspot Integration
  • Klaviyo Integration


  • Paid
  • Website Design &Management
  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • Attributions & Analytics



"Asymmetric has been very attentive to our needs and has provided recommendations and professionalism to our marketing. Asymmetric is also our website creator and they have been very responsive to our unique requirements in an industry that they didn't have much experience with in the beginning. I would recommend them for marketing, websites and CRM customizations."

Jeff Hassen

CEO of Machinery Source


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