Proven Ways to Grow Your Assisted Living Resident Occupancy & Fill Your Staff Openings

Are You Looking for Proven Ways for Assisted Living Companies to Find Residents & Fill Staff Openings?

Running an assisted living facility is no walk in the park. You’ve got empty units that could be generating revenue. And finding the right staff feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sound familiar? 

If so, you're in the right place. We're about to take a journey through some proven ways to not only fill those resident spots but also get the best staff on board. 

And know that the video above and what follows here are based on actual assisted living marketing case studies with our clients! 

So let's make marketing work for you, not the other way around. 

The Big Picture: What We’re Aiming For

Imagine having a steady stream of leads, both for new residents and potential staff, all while keeping your costs in check.

No more throwing money into the void and hoping something sticks. Instead, we’ll focus on specific, measurable tactics.

Ready? Let’s go!

Website User Experience and Conversion Optimization: Making Your Website Work for You

First things first: let's talk about your User Experience (UX) and Conversion Optimization.

Your what?

Think of your website as your online front door. You want visitors to feel welcomed, find what they need easily, and take action, like scheduling a tour or filling out a contact form.

User Experience, or UX, is all about how easy and pleasant it is for people to use your website. If your site is confusing, slow, or looks outdated, visitors might leave before they even see what you offer.

Here are some tips to ensure a great UX on your website and your senior living web pages:

  1. Keep It Simple: Don’t clutter your website with too much information or too many images. Keep your design clean and easy to navigate.
  2. Easy Navigation: Make sure your menu is clear and straightforward. Visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks.
  3. Fast Loading Times: Nobody likes to wait. Make sure your site loads quickly. If it takes more than a few seconds, people might leave.
  4. Mobile-Friendly, Mobile-First: Many (if not most) people will visit your site on their phones. Make sure it looks great and works well on all devices.
  5. Clear Call to Action (CTA) Buttons: Don't keep people guessing what they should do next. Make it clear with bright buttons that urge them to take the next step and contact you or schedule a tour.

Conversion Optimization: Turning Visitors into Residents and Staff

Conversion Optimization is closely related to your UX. It's all about encouraging your website visitors to take specific actions, like filling out a form, calling you, or scheduling a tour.

You want the maximum number of people who come to your website to contact you. Plain and simple.

Here are some simple ways to boost conversions:

  1. Clear Calls to Action (CTAs): Every page should have a clear call to action with a button that stands out from the rest of the page colors. Whether it’s “Schedule a Tour,” “Contact Us,” or “Learn More,” make sure it stands out and tells visitors exactly what to do next.
  2. Use Forms Wisely: Forms are a great way to collect information from potential residents or job applicants. Keep them short and simple. Ask only for the information you really need.
  3. Trust Signals: Include testimonials, reviews, professional organization memberships, and any awards or recognitions your facility has received. These build trust and make people feel more comfortable taking the next step.
  4. Easy Contact Options: Make sure your phone number and contact information are easy to find. Consider adding a live chat option for immediate assistance.
  5. Offer Free Value with a Lead Magnet: Provide something valuable for free, like an eBook, checklist, or consultation. This can encourage visitors to share their contact information with you.

Example of Good Website User Experience & Making Conversion Optimization Work

Imagine you’re visiting a website to find the best assisted living facility for your loved one.

You land on a clean, welcoming homepage with a clear menu at the top.

There’s a big, inviting button that says “Schedule a Tour” right in the middle of the page.

You scroll down and see glowing testimonials from happy families and residents.

You can easily find the phone number and even start a live chat if you have questions.

This site feels trustworthy and easy to use, so you’re more likely to take the next step and schedule a tour.

That’s the power of good UX and Conversion Optimization. It makes your website a helpful tool for potential residents and staff, guiding them smoothly from interest to action.

By focusing on UX and Conversion Optimization, you can make your website not just a digital brochure but a lead generation machine!

Make it easy, fast, and inviting for your visitors, and watch as they turn into resident move-ins and new team members.

SEO for Senior Living: Getting Found Online

When people are researching assisted living facilities near them or their parents, they want to appear in online searches on Google and Bing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures your facility shows up at the top of page 1 when people search for assisted living options. Emphasizing the importance of individualized care in your content can help attract potential residents by highlighting the personalized and flexible care plans your facility offers.

It’s like ensuring your shop is on the main street rather than a back alley.

Better yet, it’s like being at the top of the old Yellow Pages in the phonebook (remember those?).

Meeting the specific needs of residents in senior assisted living facilities is crucial for providing high-quality care and attracting new residents.

Keyword Research for Senior Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care

Many businesses just let their website companies build their website without giving a thought to how people search for what they offer. Huge mistake!

It's now possible to know how many times per month people in your market search for senior living options in your market.

Here are the most common ways that people search for senior living, assisted living, and memory care facilities based on our SEO and Google Ads keyword research. This is for the whole U.S. but we can also look up the data for your region(s).

Keyword Average monthly searches (in the entire U.S.)
assisted living near me 135,000
assisted care facilities near me 135,000
assisted living 110,000
assisted care facility 110,000
senior living near me 74,000
senior assisted living near me 74,000
senior living facilities near me 74,000
elderly living near me 74,000
senior living close to me 74,000
senior living 49,500
assisted living facilities near me 33,100
assisted living facilities 33,100
assisted living centers near me 33,100
assisted living residence 33,100
memory care 22,200
memory care facilities near me 22,200
memory care near me 18,100
independent living 18,100

Not too shabby, right? Imagine knowing how many times people opened the phonebook to senior living!

Google rewards websites that show online searchers exactly what they want. For that reason, we recommend you have a page on your website for each type or senior living offering you have.

For example:


On-Page SEO

Once you've got the right website page structure based on your keyword research above, your website needs to speak the same language as your potential residents and their families.

Use the keywords you’ve found in strategic places:

  • Title Tag: This is the headline that appears in search engine results. Keep it under 60 characters if you can.
  • Meta Descriptions: These short snippets (150-160 characters) should entice searchers to click through to your site.
  • Header Tags (H1, H2, etc.): These break up your content and signal to search engines what’s important.
  • Paragraph Content: Naturally incorporate keywords into your content without stuffing them.
  • Image filenames and alt attributes: Describe to Google what your images show.

Blogging and Content Creation

Regularly update your blog with relevant content, which keeps Google coming back to see your new content. It also builds your authority and provides free value for your website visitors.

Write about topics like “10 Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living” or “How to Choose the Right Senior Living Facility.” Highlight the daily life and fun activities available in senior assisted living communities to showcase enhancing residents' experiences and promoting a fulfilling lifestyle.

Answer the questions your potential residents and their families are asking.

Google Search Ads

Create ads targeting keywords that demonstrate high intent to move their loved one into senior living (like the ones in the data table above!).

If someone’s searching for "assisted living in [Your City]," they’re probably getting ready to maybe a decision in the coming weeks or months. You can pay per click to run ads that only cost you money when people click them! 

Use ad extensions to include extra information like call buttons or links to specific pages on your site.

A smartphone screen displays Google search results for "senior living." The top two results are ads for senior living facilities in Appleton and Neenah. The first ad is for Touchmark, while the second promotes Copperstone Assisted Living. An asymmetric marketing agency in Madison, WI may have crafted these targeted ads.

Ad Copy: Make sure your ad copy is compelling. Highlight what makes your facility unique – whether it’s specialized care, amenities, or community activities.

Landing Pages: Your ads should lead to dedicated landing pages, not just your homepage. These pages should be optimized for conversions with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) like “Schedule a Tour” or “Request More Information.” We've found our clients get the best results when these are "standalone" pages with no top menu navigation. Paid tools like GoHighLevel, LeadPages, or Unbounce can help you build these. 

You'll want to manage and tweak these once they're running because sometimes you'll pay for clicks for keywords you didn't intend. You need to what your Search Terms report and add Negative keywords where appropriate.

It's also important to set up conversion tracking, so you're able to measure your cost per lead and see how well your campaigns are working.

In order to track your cost per sale (or actual move-in), you'll need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that tracks where leads came from. We help our clients set up tools like GoHighLevel and HubSpot for this.

Paid Social Media Ads: Engaging on Social Media with Lead Magnets

Social media isn’t just for sharing cute cat videos (though those are fun, too!). Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be powerful tools for reaching potential residents and staff. Great communication between caregivers and residents is essential for providing effective, comforting, and life-affirming care.

When targeting ads, it’s important to address the specific needs of the potential resident and their family member. Highlight the stress of finding the right assisted living facility, the desire for a home-like environment, and the caregivers' dedication to creating a safe and welcoming space. This approach ensures that the potential resident and their family feel supported and understood.

Facebook Ads for Senior Living

It's crazy to me that more assisted living and senior living companies don't run ads on Facebook to find resident families and new staff because it works like gangbusters!

Check out some of these examples below of ads we ran for our clients on Facebook for both resident families and assisted living staff positions.

An elderly woman, young woman, and toddler sit together smiling at Copperstone Assisted Living & Memory Care in Madison, WI. Text above describes the senior living facility's offerings, highlighting activities like Friday Fish Fry and safe, specialized care for seniors.
An elderly woman with white hair and glasses smiles and claps her hands in a cozy room. She is surrounded by other seniors and caregivers who are also clapping and smiling. The setting appears to be a community event at an assisted living facility, reminiscent of the warmth found in gatherings organized by local groups in Madison, WI.
A Facebook post from Sienna Crest Assisted Living in Madison, WI shows a young woman hugging an elderly woman who wears glasses and a blue sweater. The caption reads: "When we found Sienna Crest, it was as if everything fell into place. It was home; it was perfect." – Trishia.

People don't have to like, subscribe to, or follow your pages in order to see your ads! You can advertise to people in your geography who have never even heard of you, which is a major reason to run ads.

You can also run remarketing ads to people who have engaged with your ads or been to your website. This is a great idea because people often take weeks or months to make a decision to finally move their parent into assisted living.

Facebook’s targeting options are incredibly detailed. You can reach people based on their location, age, interests, and more. Use this to your advantage.

That said, you have to abide by non-discrimination laws when advertising housing, which assisted living is. So oftentimes, you can't specify age and gender when running ads for senior living or assisted living housing. That's okay because Meta (Facebook) is very good at finding the right people to show your ads to based on who is engaging with them.


Advertising with Lead Magnets

We've found that our clients get the best results when they offer something valuable for free in exchange for contact information like email addresses. This could be an eBook like "The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Assisted Living," a checklist for moving into a facility, or a free consultation.

This way you build your list of people who are in the research phase but who will be helping their mom, dad, mother-in-law (or what have you) move in to assisted living in the coming months.

Creating Compelling Facebook Ads for Assisted Living

Visuals: Use high-quality images and videos that showcase the best aspects of your facility.

Ad Copy: Write in a conversational tone. Ask questions, address pain points, and make it clear what the next step is. Schedule a Tour is a great Call to Action (CTA), but so is "Download this Free Guide."

Just like with Google and Bing Ads, you'll want to:

  1. Set up conversion tracking to measure cost per lead
  2. Set up and use a CRM to measure cost per actual resident move-in
  3. Measure and monitor your performance in the Facebook Ads Manager and optimize your ads over time, cutting the losers and improving on the winners
A screenshot of a digital advertising report from a Madison WI marketing agency shows metrics for website leads. The table includes columns for Results, Reach, Impressions, Cost per result, and Amount spent. A green arrow points to a $39.97 cost per lead value highlighted by a green circle.

Above you can see in Facebook Ads Manager how low we got the Cost per Lead for Copperstone Assisted Living in Wisconsin!

Email Marketing for Senior Living: Nurturing Your Leads

Not everyone is ready to move in or apply for a job immediately. Email marketing helps you stay in touch and nurture these leads until they are ready.

Emails highlighting the health benefits and medication management services provided in senior assisted living communities can effectively nurture leads by showcasing the comprehensive care and support available.

Building Your Opt-In Email List

Use the lead magnets from your paid social campaigns to build your email list. Too many websites have a "Subscribe to our email list" option but no reason to subscribe! Give them something of value for free! 

Once subscribed, every new lead should enter a well-planned email sequence. These are even better than email newsletters because they walk your marketing lead through a journey to taking a tour and moving their parent in when they're finally ready.

Crafting Your Automated Email Sequences

Start with Educational Emails: Provide value up front!

The first email should be that free guide you promised them.

Then every few days or every week, share tips, guides, and testimonials.

For example, send an email about "How to Make the Transition to Assisted Living Easier for Your Loved Ones."

Don't worry, you can set this up once and it will help you market your business for years! 

Follow-Up Emails: Don’t be afraid to ask if they’re ready to schedule a tour or have any questions.

About Us: Introduce your facility and share a bit about your values and what makes you unique. Answer people's common questions and encourage them to take a tour.

Senior Living Marketing Case Studies

Let’s examine how some of these strategies have worked in the real world.

Milestone Senior Living improved its care and services, including helping with daily tasks, managing medications, and providing companionship to increase occupancy.

A LinkedIn profile of Julie Heil, Chief Operating Officer at Milestone Senior Living, based in Madison, WI. With 82 followers and 73 connections, Julie's profile is well-connected. Options available include "Message", "Save in Sales Navigator", and "More".

Milestone Senior Living

When COO Julie Heil from Milestone Senior Living (now sold) first reached out to me, they were at 82% occupancy across their 9 locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

And guess what?

In just nine months, Milestone Senior Living saw their occupancy rise from 82% to 95.5%.


By targeting specific keywords with SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads and their geography on Facebook Ads. 

Everything I'm describing in this post really works in the wild. That's how I know!

Here's the recommendation she left on my LinkedIn profile here. (Note: my old company name was Get Found Madison.)

LinkedIn page displaying a testimonial under "Recommendations received." The testimonial, written by Julie Heil, describes her positive experience with Eagan's marketing agency in Madison, WI, noting significant traffic increase and improvements in business metrics through their expert SEO and marketing services.

Copperstone Assisted Living

When working with us, Copperstone Assisted Living achieved a whopping increase in occupancy from 40% to 90% in just 8 months!

We used a mix of Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads to reach their target audience. 

You can see how their Google Ads performed below and how their Facebook Ads performed above in a previous screenshot.

Screenshot of a Google Ads dashboard managed by our marketing agency, showcasing performance metrics for various ad groups within a specified date range. Metrics include Status, Target CPA, Clicks, Impr., CTR, Avg. CPC, Cost, Conv. Actions, Conv., Conv. rate, and Phone calls. A green arrow points to the total cost of $166.51.

This reduced their cost per move-in drastically and sped up their time to positive Return on Investment (ROI) on their first-ever facility!

What's the secret?

A combination of compelling ad copy and creative, targeted landing pages, and quick lead follow-up on Copperstone's part.

I mention "speed-to-lead" follow-up because when your marketing is driving you tons of sales leads, it's crucial your sales team is ready to respond quickly and to follow up persistently.

Families can move fast when they're ready, so you want your facility to be the place!

Here's a nice testimonial video of the co-owner Aaron talking about his experience with my old agency Get Found Madison.

Putting It All Together

So, how do you get started on marketing your senior living company more effectively? Here are your next steps:

  1. Audit Your Current Efforts: Look at what you’re doing now. What’s working? What’s not?
  2. Research and Plan: Use the tools mentioned to research keywords, build or update your web pages, and plan your content.
  3. Create and Optimize: Start creating blog content, running ads, and optimizing your website.
  4. Measure and Adjust: Track everything. Set up and watch your analytics to see what’s driving traffic and conversions, and tweak your strategies accordingly.

Digital marketing can seem daunting, but it’s all about taking it one step at a time. Start with the basics, test different strategies, and see what works best for your facility.

Remember, it’s all about connecting with people – whether they’re future residents, their families, or potential staff. Speak their language, address their needs, and show them why your facility is the best choice. Emphasize the importance of hospice care and fresh air in creating a welcoming environment for residents, promoting their well-being and overall quality of life.

Ready to get started? Let’s fill those rooms and those staff positions!

Want help? We’re a Senior Living Marketing Agency!

You’ve seen the results some of our clients like Milestone Senior Living and Copperstone Assisted Living have achieved. Would you like us to do the same for your company?

You can email me at or book a time to meet with me using this link. I'd love to meet you and learn about your senior living company!

Happy marketing!

- Eagan

Mark Hope - Asymmetric


Eagan Heath is a co-founder and Partner at Asymmetric Marketing – a unique agency specializing in building high-performing sales and marketing systems, campaigns, processes, and strategies for small businesses. Asymmetric has extensive experience working with local, ecommerce, and B2B companies.

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