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David vs Goliath

Asymmetric Marketing for Small Business

Asymmetric Marketing is Guerrilla Marketing for the 21st-Century. It provides small businesses with an edge.

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Asymmetric - Marketing for Small Business

Marketing Your Small Business – Focus to Win

When marketing your small business, it is imperative that marketing efforts focus on things that matter.

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Digital Marketing Agencies in Madison, WI

How to Find Amazing Certified Digital Marketing Agencies in Madison WI

Madison, Wisconsin is a great city with many outstanding certified digital marketing agencies that can help you grow your business.

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Keep Calm and Carry On

How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Life can be difficult and stressful. Here are seven tips to help you keep calm and carry on.

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Guerrilla Marketing

Why Guerrilla Marketing Must Evolve

Guerrilla Marketing draws on the concept of guerrilla warfare and it is a philosophy, strategy, and set of tools that can be used by small businesses.

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A Ferrari Engine to Illustrate The Asymmetric Marketing Engine

The Asymmetric Marketing Engine

This framework – the Asymmetric Marketing Engine, is a valuable tool for visualizing and understanding the marketing process.

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Small Business is the Heart and Soul of the Economy

Helpful Small Business Resources

There is a lot of talk about how the government is creating programs to help small businesses during this crisis. Here are a few resources that can help guide you through the challenge of finding assistance for your business.

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Luck Favors the Prepared

“Luck favors the prepared”

I’ve heard this quote many times in my life and I have used it liberally with my teams. I believe that it is a variation of a quote by Louis Pasteur. Dwight Eisenhower said, “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” Both of these quotes highlight the necessity for preparation.

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Work from Home

The (rapid) Move to Virtual Work

The transition to virtual work has been underway for more than a decade. Many people, gig workers, freelancers, creatives, etc., have worked remotely for years. But events during the pandemic forced many businesses to move employees to virtual office settings.

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Asymmetric Business Strategy

About Business Wargaming

A core challenge for all businesses is to understand, anticipate, and prepare for competitive activity in the marketplace. Many business plans contain a section on competition, but the level of detail is often woefully inadequate to arrive at any sort of meaningful understanding of the competitive landscape.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO | Asymmetric Systems

Secure Your Website to Increase SEO

One of our top quick website improvement tips is to make your website secure with HTTPS, which is a secure version of the Http web protocol.

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Intranet Services | Asymmetric Marketing

Introducing Intranet Services To Your Organization

So you’ve decided your organization needs an intranet? Congratulations, that’s one big step in the right direction! No doubt you’re currently grappling with the age-old dilemma of whether to build and implement the intranet yourself, or contract an external party.

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Technology Gives Business an Edge | Asymmetric

How Technology Can Give Small Businesses an Edge

Technology has a surprisingly long history of leveling the playing field between established corporations and their newer, smaller competitors.

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Small Business Financing | Asymmetric Marketing

5 Trends in Small Business Financing

One of the biggest challenges that small business owners have faced throughout history is simply generating enough capital to start or expand their business.

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Local Marketing Concepts | Asymmetric Marketing

How Information Can Level the Playing Field

As a small to medium-sized business, (SMB) it can feel like the bigger competitors in your industry have all the advantages.

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Employee Benefits | Asymmetric Marketing

Creative Benefits for Your Small Business

A lot of ink has been spilled in an effort to explain the mindset of the millennial generation, and they often get a bad rap for being a little needy or feeling entitled to accolades they didn’t earn.

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Blockchain | Asymmetric Systems

Can your business take advantage of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology has been invented almost a decade ago. It solved many long standing problems all at once:

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Local Marketing | Asymmetric Marketing

Local Advertising Can Give You a Boost

When it comes to getting your business’s message out to the world through advertising, competing with much larger businesses can be the greatest hurdle. These big brands often have significant advantages

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The Art of War Book | Asymmetric Marketing

Asymmetric Marketing – Levels of Planning

We all know that there are significant parallels between business strategy and military strategy.

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David vs. Goliath Mural | Asymmetric Marketing

Asymmetric Marketing – What is it?

Asymmetric Marketing applies concepts of asymmetric warfare to the world of modern business.

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Mark Hope

Mark A. Hope is the founder and CEO of Asymmetric Marketing – a unique agency specializing in building high-performing sales and marketing systems, campaigns, processes, and strategies for small businesses. Asymmetric has extensive experience with organizations across many industry segments. If you would like some help in implementing ideas like these in this article, feel free to give Mark a call at 844-494-6903 or by email at
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